What’s Brewtripping?

Have you ever driven to a new place and tried a new craft beer? Congratulations! You’ve brewtripped!

Much like “irregardless”, brewtripping isn’t an actual word. But it’s equally fun to say – especially if said to a grammar geek like co-brewtripper Jenn!

Brewtripping, much like craft beer itself, is all about an experience. It used to be, and still is for some people, that drinking beer was all about drinking ice cold, mass-produced lagers as quickly as possible. For us, beer has become an avenue for exploring new places and getting out of our geographical bubble. As you’ll notice, drinking more than one pint per brewtrip doesn’t happen a lot for us. The beer is just one part of the experience and we’re also firm believers in responsible drinking.

In towns, villages and cities across Canada – and the world – craft beer is seeing significant growth at a time when overall beer consumption is down. And we think that’s really exciting!

Brewtripping is all about using craft beer to explore the world around us. We still buy beer at the liquor store and enjoy it at home, but we also want to get out and see the breweries themselves and learn more about the towns that are benefiting from this growing industry.

So find a town with a craft brewery. Jump in the car, on your bike, take public transit, or turn it into a vacation. Take a tour of the brewery, visit their tasting room and learn about what they do and who they are. Check out the town by visiting local attractions. Find a local pub or restaurant with good options on tap and settle in for a meal. That’s a brewtrip to write home about.

And remember: never, ever drink and drive!!

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