The Brewtrippers

Who are we? We’re Sean and Jenn Meister, a dynamic husband and wife team who love craft beer, road trips and talking to our pets as if they were people. We’re weird, in the good way, and have Twitter handles that seem coordinated but definitely weren’t.

OMG, @SeanyMeist and @JennyMeist – that is TOO cute!

Nope. Totally coincidental.

Sean profile picture
I’m kind of a big deal in the bovine world
A beer drinking, bearded Bluenoser

Raised on a farm in Nova Scotia, Sean was taught the true meaning of hard work from an early age. He then promptly forgot it all after moving away.

My first ever taste of beer was Guinness. It was awful.

I recovered and have since become a huge fan of craft beer. But, as a Nova Scotian, my guilty pleasure is Alexander Keith’s.

Lover of almost all beer types, but still haven’t taken to sours and ciders. Prefer lower bitterness and go almost exclusively stouts and porters in winter.

I also drink coffee.
I also drink coffee.
Beer drinker, music lover, people watcher

An Upper Canadian with Irish roots, Jenn is no stranger to the joys of a fine brew. Her introduction to beer came from sipping the sludge at the bottom of her father’s empties, which, obviously, was disgusting. Now with finer tastes (and a bit more class) she’s a lover of hoppy pale ales and unique brews with funky names and labels.


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