Backyard Brewtripping: HAMBRGR

Hamburger. Just reading that word makes me drool. There’s an immediate mental image. Likely, that image is of your favourite burger. The bun, the toppings, the condiments and obviously, the meat, come together to create a symphony in your mouth with every bite. That’s what a good hamburger should do. Lots of substance, with just the right amount of style. HAMBRGR. No, I’m not yelling … Continue reading Backyard Brewtripping: HAMBRGR

Brew Tracks: Halloween Edition

Have you ever noticed the perfect relationship between music and beer? You’ve been there; tucked away in a dark, dingy bar listening to a band you’ve never heard of. Now imagine that without a beer in your hand. Blasphemy! Music is a big part of the craft beer scene. And craft beer is a big part of the music scene, with smaller, local bands being … Continue reading Brew Tracks: Halloween Edition

Backyard Brewtripping: The Thirsty Cactus

Is there anything better than a neighbourhood pub? We really don’t think so. The food, the drinks, the people, the atmosphere. Everything comes together to make enjoying a craft beer even more enjoyable. A few years ago we were living in Dundas, Ontario. As we mentioned in our very first post, it’s a formerly independent town that was brought into Hamilton as part of amalgamation. … Continue reading Backyard Brewtripping: The Thirsty Cactus