I Heart Hotdogs: A Visit to Willy Dog’s GTO

Let’s just get this out of the way: I love hotdogs. Love them. I could eat them for every meal until my arteries clogged and/or I eventually turned into one. Hotdogs: Awesome. So who was excited when Hamilton legend Willy Dog opened a new brick-and-mortar storefront? This girl! And who was even more excited when we were invited for a free tasting? THIS GIRL! Willy … Continue reading I Heart Hotdogs: A Visit to Willy Dog’s GTO

Backyard Brewtrip: North-End Hamilton

Ah, a day to myself. To the introverted these words are magic, and the idea of spending a day by myself doing exactly what I wanted was more than enough encouragement to get out and explore the city. It was also a happy coincidence that last Saturday was chock-full of fun (and free!) events and plenty to see and do. I was lucky enough to embark … Continue reading Backyard Brewtrip: North-End Hamilton

Backyard Brewtripping: HAMBRGR

Hamburger. Just reading that word makes me drool. There’s an immediate mental image. Likely, that image is of your favourite burger. The bun, the toppings, the condiments and obviously, the meat, come together to create a symphony in your mouth with every bite. That’s what a good hamburger should do. Lots of substance, with just the right amount of style. HAMBRGR. No, I’m not yelling … Continue reading Backyard Brewtripping: HAMBRGR