Brewtripping Buddies: An Introduction

Brewtripping is a wonderful experience! You get to see new places, meet new people, try new things and taste delicious new beer. But who you share these experiences with can make a huge difference.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Save Me Rescue here in Ontario to introduce you to your newest brewtripping buddy! If you aren’t already brewtripping with a rescue dog, we want to change that right now!

We’re the proud pet parents of two rescue dogs – both saved thanks to the amazing people at Save Me Rescue. The head of our household is actually our rescue cat, Buddy, so he has demanded we also help his fellow shelter cats – be on the lookout for that soon too!

We absolutely adore rescue dogs. Both of our girls came from pretty bad backgrounds in Ohio, where high kill shelters are common.

Allie, a poodle mix who looks like a fox, was a stray who’d recently given birth, was malnourished, covered in fleas and ticks, and just generally unhappy. Poor little Allie was skin and bones when we got her, and she had absolutely no confidence. The turnaround we’ve seen in her is amazing!

Our rescue dog, Allie.

Gracie, a grumpy little puggle, had a house to live in, but it wasn’t a happy home. Despite having the most trusting eyes you’ll ever see, Gracie was abused by the people who should have been loving her. Gracie ended up in a shelter, where this beautiful, social little pup was miserable. The pictures of her in the shelter are absolutely heartbreaking.

Our rescue dog, Gracie.
Silly, silly Gracie!

They joined our family and have changed our lives forever. Anything we do as a family is made exponentially better when they are there too. They aren’t without their quirks, just like any family member. And after what they’ve been through, who could blame them? We love them so, so much.

Our rescue dogs relaxing on the bed.
Striking a pose!

We really think your next brewtrip will be the best of your life if you welcome a rescue dog into your life. They’ll shower you with love and truly make your family feel whole. Through your patience, understanding and commitment, you’ll give these animals the life and love they truly deserve.

So, watch for Brewtripping Buddies articles to meet your new best friend! Our first article is about Basil, a fun loving senior who was rescued from a puppy mill.

Read all about Basil! Click, click, click!!

If you aren’t in a place in your life to adopt a pet, why not support your local rescue agency in other ways?

Save Me Rescue accepts help in the form of tax deductible monetary donations, gift cards and pet supplies, to name just a few ways. Find all the information on their website.

We’re so excited to share these stories with you!

In the meantime, follow Save Me Rescue on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and get ready to say awwwww!! a lot!

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