Visit in a minute: Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Some may say delicious, well-crafted beer is the core to a craft brewery’s success. That certainly helps, but I’m a firm believer that a passion for beer, a dedication to customer experience, and a true belief in your product is the secret (well, probably not so much a secret). Without those aspects, a brewery and their beer can feel lifeless.

One thing I’ve come to learn the last few years is that John and Peter Romano, the founders of Nickel Brook Brewing Co., exude those qualities. Combine that with the skills of Ryan Morrow, one of Ontario’s most talented brewmasters, and you have the explanation for why Nickel Brook has become a favourite for so many beer drinkers.

The brewery

Tucked away on an unassuming industrial side street in Burlington, there is little indication of the magic that is happening inside.

Nickel Brook retail store

The Nickel Brook retail store is the perfect example of good things coming in small packages. It’s a small space, although they found room for a few tall bar tables for enjoying samples. They have a great merchandise selection and an impressive collection of hardware from various beer competitions.

Samples: Free! I’d suggest getting the flight of four samples.
Brewery tours: Free! But contact them in advance to book it.
Service: Friendly, quick and knowledgeable.

The beer

Nickel Brook has an impressive line up, which explains all the awards on display in the brewery. There are 12 taps in the retail store, so don’t rush your choice. But after enjoying the free samples, be sure you buy something! My choices this time:

Autumnus Hopfenweisse (Growler)

Not as cloudy as other hopfenweisses I’ve had, so was a bit surprising as I poured it. Has a nice bitterness, but doesn’t take away from clove and banana flavours. Is very light and crisp. This growler didn’t last very long.

Babbling Brook’s Root Beer (Six pack)

The best root beer I’ve ever tasted. There, I said it. I’ll stand by that.

Growler and six pack from Nickel Brook

Fun fact

During the brewery tour, John Romano mentioned a new shipment of barrels was on its way. Anyone who knows Nickel Brook knows they craft amazing barrel-aged beers. With this new shipment, Nickel Brook will have Ontario’s largest barrel production capacity.


Burlington is far more than a bedroom community. Like so many towns and cities in the Greater Toronto Area, there is an abundance of choice for your day trip or vacation.

If you’re looking for a tasty adventure, try the Burlington Chocolate Trail!

Want a good meal and a great craft beer list? You’ll want to visit Pepperwood Bistro, which brews its own beer!

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