Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 25th

Bar M Ranch – Red Angus Ale

  • New Ross, Nova Scotia
  • Style: Ale
  • Available: Their Fridge

Christmas is all about family. And that made today’s Advent Calendar pick especially meaningful.

My family came to Nova Scotia almost 200 years ago and were given a piece of land in the newly founded village of New Ross. All these years later and Meisters are still here. Today, it’s a very different type of farm. My brother, Dave, and his wife Christina now live in the house my grandparents once lived in and raised a family.

Aside from doing a ton of restoration on the house, Dave and Christina have started taking on a new approach to farming this land. Working full-time in Halifax, they’ve become modern homesteaders.

Bar M Ranch is the new generation of Meister farming in New Ross. And like us, they share an enjoyment of good beer! But they’ve taken it to another level by starting to brew their own. This is their second beer, both from kits.

This red ale, which they named Red Angus Ale, is actually my first taste of homebrew kit beer. And this one is surprisingly good!

It pours that classic red colour. The aroma isn’t very strong, but it does have a fruitiness – particularly apple. There is very little bitterness and the dominant flavour is once again fruity. Jenn gets some pear notes.

Bar M Ranch is all about taking the farm back to traditional styles. Self sustainability is a big goal, with extra production being sold locally through the local grocery store and and farmers’ market. Earlier today we ate a Christmas dinner with every vegetable having been grown just outside the house. And now I get to drink a beer made right here in the house.

And who knows, if things go really well at Bar M Ranch, maybe some day you’ll be able to get your own taste of Red Angus Ale. Until that day, you live vicariously through us!


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