Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 23rd

Rare Bird Craft Beer – Full Steam Stout

  • Guysborough, Nova Scotia
  • 7% ABV
  • 40 IBUs
  • Style: Stout
  • Available: The Brewery, NSLC, Bishop’s Cellar, Harvest Wine & Spirits

When it comes to craft beer destinations, Guysborough is one of the last places to pop to mind for me. That ignorance shows how long I’ve been away from my home province. If you’re looking for a full experience craft beer get away, put Guysborough on your list!

Rare Bird Craft Beer is part of a family of companies in the town. Authentic Seacoast could be credited with single handedly reviving Guysborough. In addition to Rare Bird, a resort, golf course, and fair trade coffee roaster are all part of the Authentic Seacoast family. Two of these companies come together to crate Full Steam Stout.

Rare Bird is brewed using Full Steam Coffee from their sister company.

Full Steam Stout pours jet black. As black as a starless night, as they say on their website. And that is very accurate. The aroma is a wonderful mix of coffee and malt.

With a lighter body than expected, Full Steam Stout has a sweet, complex mix of coffee, licorice and chocolate. Jenn also tastes notes of hazelnut in this one. It’s a really well crafted stout.

Rare Bird really represents the potential of rural Nova Scotia. With a mix of creativity and dedication, anything is possible. And there is no better way to experience that than through your taste buds!



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