Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 21st

Garrison Brewing – Spruce Beer

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 7.5% ABV
  • Style: Flavoured Strong Ale
  • Available: The Brewery

The beauty of seasonal beers is how much excitement builds as the release date approaches. The torture of seasonal beers is that you have to wait for the release date.

Garrison’s Spruce Beer is THE Nova Scotia seasonal for me. I get home only a few times a year. Christmas is one of those times, and Sprce Beer is a highlight each year.

Spruce Beer is exactly that. It’s beer with spruce tips in it. Actually, fir and spruce tips!

It pours dark – but not black. It’s a deep reddish brown. Aroma is, as you’d expect, a wonderful spruce/fir. Like smelling your Christmas tree!

Taste is a deep, rich malt flavour. Sweet, with notes of honey, it goes down very easily. But it isn’t a malty style that sits heavily. Is relatively light, with a medium body.

This is a wonderful, wonderful beer. I absolutely love it. Garrison is a giant of Canadian craft beer and a cornerstone of Halifax’s waterfront.

The Nova Scotia beer scene is booming. If you’re going to check it out, plan to visit in the winter so you can snag a Spruce Beer! But don’t wait too long after you arrive; these ones go fast!



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