Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 22nd

Boxing Rock Brewing Co. – The Darkness

  • Shelburne, Nova Scotia
  • 6.5% ABV
  • Style: Cascadian Dark Ale
  • Available: The Brewery, NSLC, Rockhead Wine & Beer Market

Our second Black IPA of the calendar! But this time, with a much fancier name! Cascadian Dark Ale makes me feel so damn classy as I drink this from my Craft Brewers of Nova Scotia snifter glass.

Boxing Rock has become well know in Nova Scotia for flavour-packed beer. I’ve always said their Vicar’s Cross Double IPA is a perfect representation of that. And now I’ll be adding The Darkness to that sentence!

Shelburne, the small town that Boxing Rock calls home, is also home to only 1,700 people. But this small town can now claim some of the most enjoyable beers coming out of the province!

The Darkness pours very, very dark. So the name is certainly fitting! Like so many Black IPAs, this one fools you into thinking you’re about to take a sip of porter. As your brain prepares for those tell-tale sweet, chocolately, coffee taste notes, your nose sends a very different signals.

The aroma is that of hops and citrus. Totally different than you’d expect.

The flavour is all IPA. A nice, sharp bitterness leads the experience. Then come the floral and grapefruit notes that define so many great IPAs. While it finishes with yet more bitterness, it doesn’t linger too long. Each sip is enjoyable!

Shelburne is a beautiful small town on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. It’s a great town to visit, but with Boxing Rock, the town is simply a must visit for anyone who loves friendly people, delicious beer and jaw-dropping natural beauty.



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