Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 20th

Sweetgrass Brewing Co. – Golden Ale

  • Toronto, Ontario (Contract brewed in Guelph by Wellington Brewery)
  • 4.9% ABV
  • 18 IBUs
  • Style: Belgian-style ale
  • Available: LCBO

Sweetgrass gets the honour of being our last Ontario beer in the advent calendar! It’s all Nova Scotia brews from here on out in 2015!

This was a last minute change in the schedule. Sweetgrass is a brewery is one we know very little about. This was a random LCBO purchase during our trip for Bellwoods and Burdock.

This one stays true to its name, pouring a pale golden colour. There isn’t a lot of aroma, but does have a slight hoppy, grassy smell to it.

Sweetgrass delivers a very light, refreshing and slightly sweet beer. It isn’t deep and complex like a double IPA, or packing in layer after layer of flavour like some stouts. This is a straight up drinkin’ beer.

When you want to just drink a beer, this is perfect. From the can, in a pint glass, or in a plastic cup at a BBQ; this beer would drink well from anything. I think too many beer “connoisseurs” discount the value of a beer like this. In my world, a beer that drinks easily and matches any situation is a valuable beer to have in your fridge.

We’ve had a wide range of styles and approaches from Ontario in this advent calendar, so we’re happy to have ended on this note!

Check in tomorrow as the Nova Scotia adventure begins!


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