Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 19th

Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB (Flying Monkeys Edition)

  • Garrison Brewing Co. (NS), Le Trou du Diable (QC), Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery (ON) and Phillips Brewing Co. (BC)
  • Barrie, Ontario
  • 7.6% ABV
  • 50 IBUs
  • Style: Extra Special Bitter
  • Available: Nowhere! Limited edition, now out of stock.

Unlike so many industries, craft beer is known for its supportive environment. Very few independent breweries will look at other independent breweries as competitors. If anything, they view each other as colleagues.

This is best shown in the regularity of breweries partnering on collaboration beers.

Well, here we have a quad-laboration! As the name suggests, this is a pan-Canadian beer. Coast to Coastless is the result of four giants of Canadian craft beer. We grabbed this bottle before our local LCBOs ran out, and it has been brewed by the eclectic Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery of Barrie, Ontario.


This is a punched up ESB, coming at you with a 7.6% ABV. It’s malty, a bit sweet and bready. There is even a bit of licorice notes in the aroma for me.

I came into this one knowing it wouldn’t entirely be for me. Extra Special Bitters are enjoyable, but typically not my favourite. However, given the names on this bottle, Coast to Coastless is really well done. The deep red colour is really nice, and the caramel notes come through perfectly.

I actually quite like this one. My only complaint, and complaint is a strong word, is that there is a stronger than expect alcohol taste that takes away from the nicer parts of this beer.

We’re very happy to have gotten a taste of this unique beer. It’s a fun beer to experience, but more than anything, it represents everything we love about craft brewers!


three and a half

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