Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 18th

Bellwoods Brewery – Monogamy Single Hop Pale Ale

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • 6.4% ABV
  • Style: Pale Ale
  • Available: The Brewery

To be clear, this is the Centennial version. Why do I have to clarify? Well, Monogamy is the hop series beer from Bellwoods. This means the bottle of Monogamy you buy could be quite different than what I’m drinking right now. And I love that.

Bellwoods is a brewery that seems to always come up in conversation around Southern Ontario. People love their beer and their brewpub in the Ossington and Dundas area of Toronto.

This is our first taste. Damn! We both love pale ales, and this is right up there as one of the great ones we’ve had this year.

I loooooove citrus, fruity aromas of certain hops. And Monogamy is a great showcase of this. It smells amazing.

And it looks great. Wonderful pale orange colour with a pure white head when it pours.

The taste matches the other senses. High, high quality. The bitterness is lower, but has a nice balance of citrus and fruit notes. There is even an earthiness to this beer’s taste.

A bonus with buying from Bellwoods is their great label art. Their Cat Lady IPA is the one we are really waiting for. That’s a bottle we’d proudly display on our mantel.

That said, Monogamy is also a great label!


If you get a chance to visit Bellwoods, don’t even think about saying no (then go around the corner for Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese…*drool*)!


four and a half

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