Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 15th

Burdock – West Coast Pilsner

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • 6.3% ABV
  • Style: Pilsner
  • Available: The Brewery

Hopped up Pilsner! We could get used to this idea!

We adventured into Toronto after hearing good things about the relatively new Burdock brewery and bottle shop. We walked out with one of everything they had in stock. They listed this pilsner as their most popular beer. We found it hard to believe that a craft brewery with such wide style diversity could have a pilsner be the most popular.

Well, we were so wrong to doubt them! This is a wonderful beer.

West Coast certainly looks like a pilsner as it pours, but beyond that point it takes on an identity of its own for aroma and taste!

Strong hoppy aroma of citrus and lemon leads into a really, really nice citrus flavour. The pilsner bite actually strengthens the citrus taste. Also comes with a bigger punch at 6.3% ABV.

Add all these pieces together and you get a delicious pilsner with a lot of attitude! We love it!



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