Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 11th

Manantler Craft Brewing Co. – The Dark Prince

  • Bowmanville, Ontario
  • 6% ABV
  • 80 IBUs
  • Style: Black IPA
  • Available: The Brewery

Don’t always judge a book by its cover. We’re told that from a very young age, but things happen every day to remind us how true that is.

Manantler’s The Dark Prince pours very dark. Looking at it, you can almost taste it. This beer, visually, screams rich, sweet and smokey. You expect a porter or stout, so your brain prepares for that familiar taste.

But then the aroma signals you shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions!

This beer has a classic IPA citrus aroma. A very pleasant aroma! It sets up the flavour perfectly.

While there is definitely a sweet, malty undertone, this beer is an IPA at heart. It has strong citrus notes along with a smooth and light body. While there is some bitterness too, it’s hardly overpowering. There is even a slight chocolatey flavour mixed in.

Combine it all together and you get a very enjoyable beer! It’s a full sensory experience. All assumptions about The Dark Prince need to be shelved. Just pour, drink and enjoy. And you will definitely enjoy it!



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