Craft Beer Advent Calendar: December 9th

Bell City Brewing Co. – Galaxy Hopper IPA

  • Brantford, Ontario
  • 4.8% ABV
  • 18 IBUs
  • Style: Session IPA
  • Available: The Brewery

After so many darker beers in the advent calendar, this Session IPA is a nice change of pace!

Bell City has a tendency to make really, really good beer. So we shouldn’t be surprised by how much we enjoy Galaxy Hopper! Low in both ABV and IBUs, this IPA is truly sessionable. I could easily keep pouring pint after pint of this without that heavy feeling that comes from too much beer.

Galaxy Hopper pours a gorgeous golden colour. It might just be me, but I get slight pine notes in the aroma. It’s really light and crisp, and is overall very refreshing to drink. Interestingly, Galaxy Hopper is also quite smooth – almost buttery – to drink. And that’s a wonderful aspect of this beer.

It was a sad moment when our glasses were empty. This is an enjoyable beer and is worth the trip to Brantford!

Bell City keeps the tradition going – another really good beer!



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