Craft Beer Advent Calendar (2015)

As a kid, December was the absolute best month of the year.

We got time off school, there was lots of snow for snowball fights and fort building and we got lots of presents. And there were advent calendars! Growing up in a house with limited chocolate intake, advent calendars made December 1st one of the best days of the year. Every single day we got a piece of chocolate. It was heaven.


Well, as adults we still love advent calendars. And as much as we love chocolate, the idea of a Craft Beer Advent Calendar made us squeal with joy!

Several breweries have started to do beer advent calendars, but we wanted to build a custom calendar. Our annual holiday trip back to Sean’s home province of Nova Scotia means we get to include those with our local Ontario brews!

For all of November, we’ve been building the list. Buying seasonal releases, choosing old favourites and hunting for something different. And it’s a work in progress. More decisions to make; more beer to buy.

Each day we’ll post a review of the selected beer. And each will get a rating – out of five jingle bells.

Follow along with the schedule below!

Merry Beermas!


  1. StoneHammer Brewing – Dark Ale
  2. Collective Arts Brewing – Stranger than Fiction
  3. Double Trouble Brewing – French Press Coffee Stout
  4. Broadhead Brewing Co. – Dark Horse Stout
  5. Side Launch Brewing – Dark Lager
  6. Royal City Brewing Co. – Smoked Honey
  7. The Hamilton Brewery – Blue Collar Pale Ale
  8. Old Credit Brewing Co. – Holiday Honey
  9. Bell City Brewing Co. – Galaxy Hopper IPA
  10. Nickel Brook Brewing Co. – Bolshevik Bastard
  11. Manantler Craft Brewing Co. – Dark Prince Black IPA
  12. Black Creek Historic Brewery – Benson’s Strong Ale
  13. Muskoka Brewery – Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout
  14. Elora Brewing Co. – Three Fields Lager
  15. Burdock – West Coast Pilsner
  16. Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Butler’s Bitter
  17. Longslice Brewery – Hopsta La Vista
  18. Bellwoods Brewery – Monogamy Single Hop Pale Ale
  19. Coast to Coastless Imperial ESB (Collaboration: Garrison Brewing Co., Microbrasserie Le Trou du Diable, Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery and Phillips Brewing Co.)
  20. Sweetgrass Brewing Co. – Golden Ale
  21. Garrison Brewing Co. – Spruce Beer
  22. Boxing Rock Brewing Co. – The Darkness
  23. Rare Bird Craft Beer – Full Steam Stout
  24. North Brewing Company – Winter Saison
  25. Bar M Ranch – Red Angus Ale

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