Five reasons why you should love both craft beer and cats

We’re both HUGE cat people. We absolutely love them. Our cat, Buddy, is definitely the alpha male in our house. So we got to thinking: why should craft beer drinkers also love cats?

cat beer

Obviously they are cute. They’re fluffy and full of personality. Who wouldn’t love to spend a cold winter afternoon on the couch with a locally brewed stout in your hand and an adorable cat snoozing on your lap?

Cuteness aside though, cats can fit perfectly into the life of a craft beer fanatic. Some similarities and uses include:

Discerning tastes

Cats aren’t just small fluffy pigs. They won’t eat anything you put in front of them. Sure, there are lots of fat cats in the world. But they got that way by being very selective in which foods they gorged on.

Think you can throw some no name, mass-produced wet food in front of a cat and they’ll thank you? Think again. Any self-respecting cat will turn up her nose to that abomination and make her feelings well known until you crack open that can of gourmet tuna.

“But that doesn’t sound anything like me!” you say?

Ok then, go ahead and enjoy that Molson Canadian.

No macro beer in this house!
No macro beer in this house!

Shiny things are awesome…oh, a different shiny thing!

If it’s shiny, new and looks great, a cat is all over it. Then moves on to the next thing.

Go ahead and try to convince me that you don’t go gaga over shiny, new beer packaging. Also, do you think Untappd exists because craft beer drinks are simply looking for that one beer to drink over and over again? We’re thinking of the next new beer before we’re done the first one.

A cat could teach us something about patience.

People just don’t get them

Cats are horribly misunderstood. They’re often mislabeled as snobs and loners.

Craft beer nerds are horribly misunderstood. They’re often mislabeled as snobs and loners.

Aroma is a big deal

A cat sniffing its food is disturbingly similar to you smelling your beer. You’re setting the stage for what comes next. Without the aroma, you’re both lost.

“Wait, so should I consume this? I have no idea what it smells like.”

They’re the perfect beard stand in

Don’t have a hipster beard to go with your flannel plaid shirt? Your new cat friend has got your back.


Have some other reasons why cats and craft beer drinkers are the perfect match? Let us know!

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