Brew Tracks: Halloween Edition

Have you ever noticed the perfect relationship between music and beer? You’ve been there; tucked away in a dark, dingy bar listening to a band you’ve never heard of. Now imagine that without a beer in your hand. Blasphemy! Music is a big part of the craft beer scene. And craft beer is a big part of the music scene, with smaller, local bands being … Continue reading Brew Tracks: Halloween Edition

Five reasons why you should love both craft beer and cats

We’re both HUGE cat people. We absolutely love them. Our cat, Buddy, is definitely the alpha male in our house. So we got to thinking: why should craft beer drinkers also love cats? Obviously they are cute. They’re fluffy and full of personality. Who wouldn’t love to spend a cold winter afternoon on the couch with a locally brewed stout in your hand and an adorable … Continue reading Five reasons why you should love both craft beer and cats

Brewtripping Niagara-on-the-Lake

When it comes to natural beauty, Ontario is spoiled. From the Ottawa Valley, to the Bruce Peninsula, to the northern shores of Lake Superior, there are seemingly endless options for breathtaking scenery in the province. When it comes to craft beer, Ontario is similarly spoiled. We’re at a point where you can be admiring almost any of these amazing sights while also enjoying a delicious … Continue reading Brewtripping Niagara-on-the-Lake