Brewtripping Chicago: The Beer – Part 2

Craft beer is kind of a big deal in Chicago. But what if I said you can drink a craft beer just steps from a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Originally, we had planned on mainly visiting breweries, beer bars and retail stores. But then we discovered something about Chicago that isn’t written about as much: Craft beer is everywhere! So, we decided to just be tourists, to … Continue reading Brewtripping Chicago: The Beer – Part 2

Brewtripping Chicago: The Beer – Part 1

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? It has happened only a few times in my life. It happened when I met Jenn; it happened the first time I saw the Calgary Flames play; and it happened last week when I saw this… Chicago, you absolutely love craft beer. And for that reason, I love you. Chicago is loaded down with unique bars, restaurants … Continue reading Brewtripping Chicago: The Beer – Part 1

Brewtripping Hamilton: Mezcal

Remember those groups in high school you’d do anything to be part of? Those super-stylish cool kids who knew pop culture and technology and were totally up-to-date on everything trendy? Thanks to our latest brewtrip, we spent a lovely evening in Hamilton with the coolest of the cool, a group of artsy-media-tech-Twitter people who welcomed us with open arms, cold beer, and hot tacos.   James Street South, the part … Continue reading Brewtripping Hamilton: Mezcal